WELCOME to the FRED FUNK BUTTERFLY GARDEN at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Lady Lake. These gardens are a joint effort between the church and the Butterfly Gardens Club in The Villages. The church generously donates the land, materials and supplies and provides the water to nourish the plants. The Butterfly Gardens Club provides the TLC needed to plant, maintain and nurture.

Please Note that there are many gardens as you explore the area! If you are at the MONARCH garden, walk to the shade trees on your left (north/east) and notice all of the additional gardens for other butterfly species.

These gardens are purposeful for many butterfly species as you will notice many NECTAR plants and many HOST plants. Butterflies need BOTH.
The nectar plants are there to quench the thirst of the all the butterflies, they include
lantana, pentas, Mexican sunflowers, verbena, coreopsis and many more. The HOST plants are there to help each species reproduce. The monarch butterfly needs milkweed to lay its eggs on and it is the only plant the monarch caterpillar will eat. The STATE BUTTERFLY, zebra longwing, needs passion vine to lay its eggs on for their caterpillars. Each butterfly species has its own plant and please observe the signs in each bed that help you to identify the host and nectar plants.

The beds of flowers are organized according to species. Hope you find the
SWALLOWTAIL bed, the SULPHUR bed and all of the others. Over 30 species of butterflies enjoy these gardens.

The Butterfly Gardens Club meetings are 3rd Fridays: MAY 17, SEPT 20 at Fishhawk Rec Center- 2318 Buttonwood Run from 1 :30-3:20pm. Villages ID required. The APR 12 and NOV 15 meetings are here at the church. June noon-2pm, July 11-1pm and August 10-noon we are conducting tours and holding open house here at the garden. Programs educate our attendees about the many aspects of butterfly gardening. Please join the club, watch the newspaper, visit
http://sites.google.com/prod/view/tvbgclub/,              tvbgclub@gmail.com; Or contact Alycyn Culbertson@ alycynculbertson@msn.com or call/text 303-847-8771 to get additional information and specific dates and times.



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