Collegiate/Young Adult
The 18-35 analytical mind craves answers and the Truth. This interactive class follows the Collegiate Quaterly written by several young adults from all over the world. The writers live in: Australia, Philippines, Jamaica, England, Kenya, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, U.S., Ghana, Grenada, Thailand, Sweden, and Bulgaria. The Bible will come alive in a more meaningful and personal way. You don't want to miss out! 

Cradle Roll/Kindergarten 

These are the most precious years of character development. It is at this stage that children are so impressionable. Cradle roll/Kindergarten class focuses on introducing new and fragile minds to Jesus in a comfortable, playful, and warm environment. Parents are welcomed to stay and assist in classroom songs, and activities. 

Early Teens
Robert Soto, is father of three, loves Jesus and has had a passion for Children's Ministries since 1997. From story telling to songs and challenges. The Early Teens and up is a Bible centered class that helps teens develop their relationship with Jesus.


Robert Couch has a beautiful wife and six sons. 

He has traveled to several different countries including Roatan, France, Belize, Canada, and Turkey. His interests include: Biblical Archeology, Pathfinders, wild edible plants, chemistry, science, metal fabrication, flying, and various other interests. Your 7-12 year old will experience the Bible in an atmosphere of hands on learning while having too much fun!

Sabbath School Lessons

Adult Lesson

As a former school teacher and healthcare administrator, Elder Lamar Young  has always loved to teach. For 50 years he has been passionate about helping others understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Lamar ensures an in depth study of the bible and uses the Adult Sabbath School Lesson as a guide for discussion. The focus is on applying bible knowledge to the Christian experience. 

We at LLSDA invite you to come  and experience one of our stimulating, open discussion classes where you will study Bible based topical lessons.  From 0 yrs - 110 yrs, we have a class that is designed just for you. Join us at 9:30 am every Saturday morning for an inspiring time of deep Bible Study.


The Sabbath School is the primary religious education system of the Lady Lake SDA church and has four purposes:

1) Study of the Scriptures

2) Fellowship

3) Community Outreach

4) World Mission Emphasis

Sabbath School

Meet The Sabbath School Leadership team members


Seventh-day Adventist 

Ladies Class
Rosemary is a retired Physician's Assistant. She has also served as an elder, lay pastor and currently as a chaplain at a medical facility. In the ladies class you will experience an inductive Bible study. We will explore how the stories of different bible characters relate our lives. There will be a sharing time followed by prayer.

Collegiate/ Young Adult





Young  Children

Collegiate/Young Adult

mission Story

The Pancake Church

It all started one Sabbath morning, with a teen crying behind a locked bedroom door. Gently knocking on her daughter’s door, Mrs. Shin asked what was wrong. “I’m so sad,” came the muffled response. “Sabbath is so sad. I don’t want to go to church! There’s no one my age.” Mrs. Shin had noticed for some time that her 15-year-old daughter, Bo Hwa (BO-wah), wasn’t happy. During the week, Bo Hwa was away at school with many friends, but at home she was the only teen in church.
The Pancake Plan

Mother and daughter prayed together about the situation, and before long Mrs. Shin had a plan. Every weekday morning, she arose very early and made 2,000 hotteoks (HOE-tocks)—a popular sweet-filled Korean pancake. Mrs. Shin then took her hotteoks and set up shop directly across from the local high school. All day Mrs. Shin sold hotteoks to the hungry students. But she did much more than that—she befriended them. “How’s it going?” she asked. For many of her young customers, this was the first time someone had shown a genuine interest in them. Sensing her trustworthiness, the students began opening up to Mrs. Shin. Many were having a difficult time at school and home. Several came from broken homes or abusive situations. Some were living on their own. As trust deepened, Mrs. Shin decided to take their friendship to the next level. “What are you doing on Saturday afternoon?” she asked her daily customers. “Nothing,” was the usual response. “Would you like to come with me to visit some old people and cheer them up?” she asked. Earlier, Mrs. Shin had visited the local government office, asking for the names and addresses of elderly people who had no family caring for them. Every Sabbath afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Shin, Bo Hwa, and numerous high school students visited the elderly. The activity was an instant success! Following the visits, Mrs. Shin invited the students to her home for a feast. The students loved the food and felt at home, sensing the warmth and caring of the Shin family. Bo Hwa was excited to have many new friends. In addition to providing physical food, the Shins taught the students how to pray, sing Christian songs, and study the Bible. During the week, besides selling hotteoks, Mrs. Shin visited the homes of the students, bringing food to those who were living on their own. When situations were especially challenging, the Shins often brought the young people into their home, caring for them as their own. The Sabbath afternoon meetings continued growing until the Shin’s small 700-square foot (65 sq. meters) apartment could hold no more. The group then met temporarily in Mr. Shin’s nearby electrical shop, until neighboring shopkeepers complained. The Shins continued praying, and soon God provided an opportunity for the family to move into a larger home, allowing them to “adopt” more young people, and provide a larger place to meet on Sabbath afternoons.

Pancake Church Plant
After a while, it became clear that their “home church” had grown into a church plant. Realizing that it would be best for them to officially organize as a Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Shins prayed earnestly to find an affordable building that could serve as their church. One day, Mr. Shin noticed an old, dilapidated home for sale on the same street where he lived. Placing his hand on the building’s wall, he prayed, “Lord, please give us this house and we will turn it into a home for Your honor and glory.” The Lord answered that prayer and US$5,000 was raised to purchase the property. The group then worked together repairing and renovating the building into an acceptable place for worship. However, they needed a pastor for their new church. Wanting to encourage the young people to have a better life by continuing their education, Mr. Shin set an example. Although 45 years old, he told them he was willing to go back to school if they were. Mr. Shin was accepted at Sahmyook University, a large Adventist University near Seoul, where he studied theology. He, the Shin’s daughter, Bo Hwa, and three of the “adopted” children completed university studies—all funded from the proceeds of Mrs. Shin’s hotteok business! Since this church plant began in 1998, more than 400 people have been baptized. Members of the church, which consists nearly entirely of young people, have presented 39 evangelistic programs. They have gone on mission trips to Cambodia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Taiwan, transforming thousands of lives in these Asian countries.

Adult Class
Alain has been a joyful Adventist Christian for almost 13 years, originally Jewish by birth. He has been married for 29 years and has 2 adult daughters. He enjoys teaching the weekly Adult Sabbath School Lesson in a relaxed and interactive setting. He also serves the Lord as head elder of the church and by helping patients in his busy medical practice. He enjoys old movies, reading the classics, and car related topics.